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What Is Free Software?

There's so much great software out there that is FREE of cost and more importantly FREE from spying, tracking, and infomation gathering about you the end user. Imagine that! Software exists that actually respects it's users privacy and rights. You may not understand that concept right now but I will explain, keep reading and bookmark this website and share it with other people!.

The Free Software Foundation has an annual event called Libre Planet. The event used to be live pre-covid, now it's online. Libre Planet 2021 - March 20-21, 2021 Watch past LibrePlanet Recordings.

Proprietary Software Controls You!

Most people use non-free proprietary software from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others on a daily basis. These software companies won't tell you about FREE Sofware. Free Software is not to be confused with Freemium Software. Freemium Software is like crack, they give you a little bit for free (no cost) to get you hooked so you buy the paid version of the software. Free Software is all about respecting you and your rights and most of the time there is no cost to use the software. Free Software is not only FREE Software if it gives you the 4 Essential Freedoms.

What About OpenSource Software?

Most likely you've heard the term Open Source Software. Free Software is open source by definition but it's much more than Open Source Software and some people like Richard Stallman say that Open Source Misses The Point. I'm want to help educate you about Free Software so you can decide what you want to use. You may decide to continue to be a slave, YES! You are a SLAVE if you don't use Free Software.

Software To Check Out

There is really no reason why you need to use proprietary software personally. It's a choice you have to make. Do you want to be controlled, tracked, traced and pay hard earned money for crap software or use FREE Software. I use a lot of Free Software daily at home. At work I still have to use Windows and other proprietary software because that's what my company chooses to use. I'm always recommending FREE Software to them and I'm looking at new software all the time. I will be writing articles, doing an oggcast (not a podcast) and tutorial videos about Free Software and posting them here on this website. Here's a quick list of software that I currently use or will use that you should check out. If you have any questions email me at fr33d0m at
GNU Privacy Guard Purism
Gimp Photo Editing Audacity Audio Editor KdenLive Video Editing
Blender 3d Modeling & Animation
VLC Video Player
KeyPass Password Manager
Thunderbird Email
GNU Social
Mastodon Social
FireFox Web Browser
Text Editor and much much more
Jitsi Video Call
Documents, Presentations, Charts, Numbers, Database
CiviCRM Taler Digital Bitcoin Wallet
Gemini Protocol - Information Sharing Like WWW
Gopher Protocol - Information Sharing Like WWW

Become A Digital Vegan!

One of my friends calls me a digial vegan. It's true, embracing Free Software is like becoming a Vegan you have to give up some things and people will think you are wierd when you say you don't use Windows or Apple or Android or Google or Facebook. It's hard at first but let me tell you from someone that was all in on technology it is possible to unplug from the Matrix. I used to use all the same software you currently use but I don't anymore unless I absolutely have to do so. If you're not educated about these proprietary softwares you may think it's a crazy idea but my goal is to educate you and help you unplug yourself from the Matrix.

Articles To Read

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Plan9 Goes Open-Source

Take Back Your Data

Before the Internet was created we had computers and we managed to use all kinds of great software and manage our own data locally, we didn't need the Cloud or Subscription software. Today people can't work on their computer without a live internet connection. I got caught up in it too, I used Facebook, Google Mail, Calendar, Documents, and Cloud Storage, then one day I looked up and realized if I didn't have an internet connection I could not do any work on my computer.

I've made it my mission to get back to managing my own data and using programs that work locally on my own computer and allow me to work without an internet connection and I recommend you do the same. This will be a consistent theme in my articles, audios and videos.

How I Created This Website

This website was created on a SDF - Super Dimension Fortress account. I log into the server with a Terminal Emulator on Pure OS which is a GNU/Linux Free Operating System. When I get logged into the Unix system I use EMACS to edit the pure HTML file that you are reading right now.

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